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Vampire Magus
These once powerful wizards of the old world were turned to the darkness by the vampire lords. These vampire magi now wander the world of Erildath, seeking out enemies of the Shadow Lord.
Class:Undead Level:43
Attack:35 - 50 Defense:50 - 55
Armor:100 - 105 Damage:210 - 280
HP:70 - 80 Gold:40 - 48
XP:85 - 96
Breaker:10% - 15%
Dropped Items
Axe of Balance
Blood Bloom Plant
Frigid Scale Mail
Large Health Band
Winged Boots
Spawning Information
Moot Forest South:18%
Moot Forest West:18%
Moot Forest East:18%
Moot Forest North:46%
Additional Notes

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