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Glaucus Pirate
The Glaucus Pirates hail from the sea. These demons of the deep, were once men who sold their souls to an evil power. They did this when their ship, the Glaucus, faced impending doom at the hands of a mighty beast of the sea. Now they must serve this dark power until the end of days.
Class:Demon Level:534
Attack:2920 - 3118 Defense:3148 - 3254
Armor:1920 - 2000 Damage:2480 - 2566
HP:10435 - 10975 Gold:296 - 304
XP:1872 - 1882
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Amulet of Rafron
Armor of Ulthax
Ring of Tigren
Rune of Ioldow
Spawning Information
Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Lower Beach):100%
Additional Notes

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