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Formless Terror
A black mist which is drawn to the energy of life itself. A boiling darkness that only manifests it's claws when it is about to attack. The head is seen by very few warriors, all of whom are about to be consumed.
Class:Magical Level:535
Attack:2599 - 2697 Defense:1334 - 1512
Armor:1446 - 1624 Damage:5018 - 5218
HP:10393 - 11057 Gold:262 - 338
XP:1876 - 1886
Dodge:39% - 40%
Dropped Items
Gnawing Hunger
Blade of Yahdor
Rune of Roache
Shield of Torloth
Spawning Information
Shroud Rim (Hunger Fields):100%
Additional Notes

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