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Kahulla Blood Hunter (Champion)
It is unknown just where the Kahulla came from. But many suspect that Lishka has used her fearsome hexes on the Spirits of unfortunate souls. No one will know for sure, but the Kahulla has a single minded foucus on drinking the blood of all who dare enter the Atholu. The spirits of the women hexed must have been seeking terrible vengence on the world to result such unholy creatures.
Class:Aquatic Level:540
Attack:3781 - 3857 Defense:1858 - 1994
Armor:1831 - 1967 Damage:8539 - 8719
HP:16135 - 16415 Gold:271 - 329
XP:2703 - 2713
Piercing Strike:25% - 30%
Reinforced Armor:10% - 15%
Critical Hit:8% - 15%
Nullify:10% - 15%
Dropped Items
Armor of Jorthan
Gloves of Koltor
Spawning Information
Dark Atholhu (Mount East):100%
Additional Notes

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