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Master Shu Zi (Elite)
Not much is known about the man known as Master Shu Zi or even if that is his true name. What is known is that he is part of the secretive and magical lightning order of assassins. Master Shu Zi is in the city for reasons unknown, and any who cross him, run for fear that they are the one he has come after...
Class:Human Level:550
Attack:7245 - 7421 Defense:7263 - 7313
Armor:13507 - 13585 Damage:7547 - 7615
HP:42575 - 43225 Gold:299 - 301
XP:3320 - 3330
Piercing Strike:30% - 40%
Critical Hit:40% - 50%
Nullify:39% - 40%
Disarm:19% - 20%
Dropped Items
Shu Zi Battle Rune
Shu Zi Caster Scale
Shu Zi Lightning Focus
Shu Zi Wicker Hat
Spawning Information
Officials Compound:100%
Additional Notes

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