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Shroud Yaoguai
The Shroud Yaoguai are demon minions of the God GorGulGol. They are his demonic scouts and have been observed searching the forest. Although it is unknown what it is they are looking for, the presence of these servants of GorGulGol is not to be taken lightly as the Shroud Yaoguai are only ever sent on the most important of missions.
Class:Demon Level:551
Attack:3225 - 3399 Defense:2345 - 2503
Armor:3272 - 3342 Damage:1916 - 2082
HP:10917 - 11173 Gold:296 - 304
XP:1932 - 1942
Piercing Strike:9% - 10%
Nullify:28% - 30%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Rill
Helmet of Daruth
Pale Elder Blossom
Ring of Donthrin
Sandals of Aroth
Spawning Information
Gao Tain Lake (Avenue):88%
Gao Tain Lake (Outer):4%
Gao Tain Lake (Grove):8%
Additional Notes

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