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Fire Temple Pyromancer (Champion)
The Fire Temple is home to a class of sorcerer known as a Pyromancer. These slightly unhinged people practice fire magic known as pyromancy. The Pyromancers are prone what is known as the fire madness, a condition where the Pyromancer becomes obsessed with arson and takes things so far as to even choose living things as a target for their fire spells.
Class:Human Level:560
Attack:5581 - 5655 Defense:1703 - 1757
Armor:1711 - 1873 Damage:7633 - 7833
HP:16677 - 17073 Gold:244 - 356
XP:2803 - 2813
Piercing Strike:10% - 15%
Reinforced Armor:11% - 15%
Critical Hit:18% - 25%
Nullify:19% - 20%
Dropped Items
Gloves of the Burner
Ring of Ignition
Spawning Information
Fire Temple (Balcony):100%
Additional Notes

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