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The Nian is a horrible beast that normally dwells at the bottom of the sea. Often they come to the shore of the Kyoko Islands to hunt and it is said that the Nians favorite prey is young children, although none yet have been able to prove these stories.
Class:Magical Level:561
Attack:4940 - 5100 Defense:1091 - 1201
Armor:1561 - 1615 Damage:3392 - 3588
HP:11071 - 11419 Gold:283 - 317
XP:1967 - 1977
Piercing Strike:10% - 12%
Critical Hit:11% - 13%
Nullify:14% - 15%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Heital
Boots of Walgor
Rune of Gimvar
Daggers of Lithtor
White Sand Encrusted Doll
Spawning Information
Kyoko Island (North):85%
Kyoko Island (Cove):7%
Kyoko Island (East):8%
Additional Notes

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