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Qan Shrar The Green Dragon (Elite)
Qan Shrar is the protector of the Claw Temple. This Dragon is feared by outsiders for its bad temper and rumor has it that it can create storms around it when in a particularly foul mood. Although sacred to the monks, Secretly some have brought around plans to dispose of Qan Shrar as his temper is making the temple unsafe and replace him with a younger and more noble Green Dragon.
Class:Dragon Level:570
Attack:7874 - 8030 Defense:9162 - 9320
Armor:14027 - 14163 Damage:5679 - 5843
HP:44311 - 44609 Gold:258 - 342
XP:3440 - 3450
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Qan Shrar Green Treads
Qan Shrar Raking Talons
Qan Shrar Scale Shield
Qan Shrar Terror Helm
Spawning Information
Claw Temple (Courtyard):100%
Additional Notes

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