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Hirosue Dwarf Explorer
There are Dwarf Explorers in the Hirosue caverns. Drawn here from their distant holds in far away lands by stories about Dragons and hoards of gold to be discovered. Notoriously greedy for gold, Dwarfs will attack all who they see as hindering their quest for riches and glory.
Class:Dwarf Level:569
Attack:3169 - 3285 Defense:2264 - 2328
Armor:3755 - 3911 Damage:1989 - 2105
HP:11244 - 11566 Gold:262 - 338
XP:1995 - 2005
Piercing Strike:10% - 12%
Reinforced Armor:16% - 18%
Critical Hit:5% - 10%
Dropped Items
Helmet of Krum
Rune of Tuthar
Shield of Nithsil
Saber of Zartho
Spawning Information
Hirosue Caverns (Maze):91%
Hirosue Caverns (Murk):9%
Additional Notes

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