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Zaria the Vengeful (Legendary)
Zaria the Vengeful is a terrifying spirit who has been attacking all in her path in a bitter rage. Never-the-less she is a victim herself. Murdered by the evil Doctor Morbidstein wasn't bad enough. He went on to use her corpse in the creation of his masterpiece. His Bride. Will you help put Zaria to her eternal rest and end her suffering?
Class:Undead Level:55
Attack:210 - 346 Defense:229 - 305
Armor:193 - 275 Damage:357 - 413
HP:893 - 1027 Gold:38 - 72
XP:258 - 286
Breaker:50% - 50%
Dodge:50% - 100%
First Strike:10% - 15%
Dropped Items
Ghostly Corset
Ghostly Shackles
Ghostly Stare
Spawning Information
Plague Mists South:18%
Odin Caves (Level 3):18%
Odin Caves (Level 1):15%
Slayers Forest West:23%
Slayers Forest South:26%
Additional Notes

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