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The Bride of Morbidstein (Legendary)
The culmination of Doctor Morbidsteins evil pacts and experiments, the Bride is an unholy construct, created from many unfortunate victims (including the tragic Zaria). A mighty opponent, she stands as a testament to a misguided intellect of terrifying scale. She must be destroyed at all costs.
Class:Undead Level:484
Attack:3509 - 3681 Defense:982 - 1170
Armor:1418 - 1586 Damage:4437 - 4611
HP:10512 - 10884 Gold:1 - 1
XP:2203 - 2203
Reinforced Armor:75% - 75%
Breaker:100% - 100%
First Strike:75% - 75%
Dropped Items
Recipe of the Brides Crackling Gown
Recipe of the Brides Hand
Recipe of the Brides Meat Shield
Spawning Information
Castle Morbidstein (Boiler Room):19%
Castle Morbidstein (West Tower Lower):20%
Castle Morbidstein (Fortress Upper):22%
Castle Morbidstein (Basement):19%
Castle Morbidstein (North Tower Upper):20%
Additional Notes

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