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Masked Fiend
Another hellish terror unleashed onto the world of Erildath by the Shadow Lord following the fall of the Sword of Light. The Masked Fiend is a master of deception, possesses powerful demonic powers capable of tricking its victim into believing a false reality, allowing this hellish beast to absorb the life energy of its unperceiving victim.
Class:Demon Level:74
Attack:280 - 300 Defense:240 - 280
Armor:220 - 260 Damage:200 - 202
HP:185 - 200 Gold:68 - 80
XP:151 - 155
Critical Hit:7% - 10%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Rescission
Royal Archon Armor
Spawning Information
Inferno Mountains North:4%
Endlore Valley North:9%
Endlore Valley South:9%
Motaur Forests North:9%
Motaur Forests North:17%
Motaur Forests South:7%
Motaur Forests West:6%
Inferno Mountains South:7%
Gebores Divide North:8%
Gebores Divide South:11%
Inferno Mountains East:9%
Inferno Mountains West:4%
Additional Notes

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