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Celestial Temple Nun
The Celestial Temple Nuns are the faithful holy women who look after the Temple and the Celestial Beings. They pray and seek Wisdom from the Heavens and are Devout in the extreme. However, you should not underestimate these women as they are skilled warriors who fight with blades that are the focused totality of their Chi.
Class:Human Level:590
Attack:3658 - 3840 Defense:1361 - 1481
Armor:1303 - 1479 Damage:5218 - 5306
HP:11646 - 12004 Gold:271 - 329
XP:2068 - 2078
Piercing Strike:20% - 24%
Critical Hit:22% - 24%
Dropped Items
Blade of Johalek
Gloves of Renshar
Helmet of Relighmar
Ring of Gharsorn
Rune of Oledal
Spawning Information
Celestial Temple (Cavern):12%
Celestial Temple (Chamber):88%
Additional Notes

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