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Encrow Sea Dog
The name of Encrow Sea Dog applies to a wealth of unsavoury characters who travel the Strait and cause harm to others. Most of them are theives, lone pirates or bandits but all are unwelcome on the bay and even the notorious War Skull Pirates loathe these scum of the bay.
Class:Human Level:591
Attack:3836 - 3996 Defense:1609 - 1709
Armor:1103 - 1283 Damage:5040 - 5110
HP:11739 - 11951 Gold:258 - 342
XP:2072 - 2082
Piercing Strike:18% - 22%
Critical Hit:22% - 24%
Dropped Items
Boots of Shalur
Helmet of Gorgala
Rune of Phlael
Axe of Rughal
Spawning Information
Encrow Bay (Outskirts):90%
Encrow Bay (Inner):10%
Additional Notes

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