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Stage One Corrupted
The jungles bring many adventurers and treasure seekers. Unfortunately some of these travelers find out the hard way why these islands get their name after they become infected by spores from a legendery plant known as the Corran-Putt, also known as the Corrupt plant. These spores begin to turn their host into a plant, a process that takes three stages until the plant reaches maturity, the first stage drives the host insane with pain and fear as moss and vines burst from the victims body.
Class:Plant Level:595
Attack:2849 - 2967 Defense:2052 - 2118
Armor:3605 - 3721 Damage:3190 - 3344
HP:14070 - 14550 Gold:288 - 312
XP:2086 - 2096
Reinforced Armor:19% - 22%
Sustain:25% - 27%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Stufale
Helmet of Mimale
Shield of Yaelma
Spear of Uzdael
Spawning Information
Corrupt Islands (East):89%
Corrupt Islands (South):11%
Additional Notes

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