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Stage Three Corrupted
Stage Three of the Corran-Putt spore infection happens when the the body of the stage two bloates and hardens like bark and the creature slows down and begins to produce flower buds. These creatures still harbour the need to seek out non plants but unlike stage twos hatred for non plants the stage three needs them so it can pass on its foul spores to the next host and continue the cycle. It was unknown until recently that Stage Three really is the Corran-Putt plant of legend.
Class:Plant Level:598
Attack:4400 - 4476 Defense:1270 - 1390
Armor:1138 - 1294 Damage:4907 - 5091
HP:11799 - 12171 Gold:289 - 311
XP:2096 - 2106
Nullify:15% - 18%
Sustain:24% - 26%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Rareal
Armor of Owael
Ring of Geldral
Sword of Bassel
Spawning Information
Corrupt Islands (Central):100%
Additional Notes

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