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Skeletal Wazon Warrior
The Wazon Warriors were a unit of acclaimed monster hunters and dragon slayers. The unit became obsessed with the thought of slaying the many dragons they had heard of in lands far from here, such as Kyoko and Gao Tain. But the unit never made it to the land and were instead cursed with undeath by an unknown magical Wyrm that learned of their plans to murder its kind. Now and forever the warriors are bound to these caves under the mountains.
Class:Undead Level:599
Attack:3209 - 3371 Defense:1168 - 1232
Armor:1295 - 1435 Damage:6073 - 6223
HP:11778 - 12232 Gold:296 - 304
XP:2100 - 2110
Piercing Strike:24% - 26%
Sustain:19% - 22%
Dropped Items
Boots of Firael
Helmet of Chrias
Ring of Marai
Shield of Coxrale
Spawning Information
Ryken Mountain (Mouth):88%
Ryken Mountain (Summit):12%
Additional Notes

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