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Ryken Cave Bear
Ryken Cave Bears retire to the caves and tunnels within the mountains to seek shelter. These Bears are omnivores and if they can, will kill to get meat. A hungry Ryken Cave Bear that is disturbed in the tunnels may well decide meat is on the menu. If this is the case, its best escape fast or be ready for battle with a gigantic slavering bear in the confines of the tunnels.
Class:Beast Level:600
Attack:2869 - 2989 Defense:1316 - 1406
Armor:3247 - 3357 Damage:4376 - 4486
HP:14189 - 14671 Gold:291 - 309
XP:2103 - 2113
Reinforced Armor:19% - 24%
Critical Hit:22% - 25%
Dropped Items
Boots of Feale
Helmet of Ghoual
Ring of Baegl
Rune of Dessael
Spawning Information
Ryken Mountain (Summit):86%
Ryken Mountain (Shelf):14%
Additional Notes

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