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Elridge Plains Swordsman
Of the mounted tribesmen of the plains the most head strong in battle are the swordsmen, having trained their steeds to fear nothing. They charge headlong into combat with their foes,slashing them with well aimed sword strikes. The Swordsmen of the tribes are also charged with keeping law and order and gather up prisoners and criminals and take them to the dungeons of Felannr for the keepers to deal with.
Class:Mounted Level:604
Attack:3195 - 3293 Defense:3505 - 3565
Armor:2210 - 2402 Damage:2945 - 3089
HP:11874 - 12336 Gold:289 - 311
XP:2117 - 2127
Nullify:25% - 28%
Dodge:12% - 14%
Dropped Items
Ring of Salel
Rune of Flabghela
Shield of Ravenal
Spawning Information
Elridge Plains (West):100%
Additional Notes

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