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Felannar Dungeon Keeper
The Felannar Dungeon Keepers are wicked and cruel men, no better than the criminals under their charge. They are armed with whips that they use to keep the inmates in check and are the keepers of the skeleton keys that give them access to all the rooms and places within the dungeon.
Class:Human Level:607
Attack:5258 - 5370 Defense:1351 - 1455
Armor:1442 - 1572 Damage:3844 - 4032
HP:12063 - 12267 Gold:265 - 335
XP:2128 - 2138
Piercing Strike:17% - 19%
Breaker:24% - 26%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Scabrion
Armor of Defalle
Felannar Dungeon Key
Helmet of Minal Tor
Ring of Realel
Spawning Information
Felannar Dungeons (Inner):100%
Additional Notes

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