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Brigand Archer
Brigand Archers ambush travelers moving through the desert. Most of these travelers are well armed as the desert is a well known hot spot for villainous activity. However the archers have designed special silent stealth arrows, giving them a vital advantage when making a surprise attack.
Class:Human Level:609
Attack:2874 - 2956 Defense:1267 - 1387
Armor:1716 - 1840 Damage:6117 - 6247
HP:11961 - 12449 Gold:255 - 345
XP:2135 - 2145
Nullify:24% - 27%
Dodge:16% - 18%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Lighhal
Boots of Relfesh
Rune of Howbale
Flail of Ghallea
Spawning Information
Desert of Brigands (East):87%
Desert of Brigands (South):13%
Additional Notes

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