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Batarr the Brigand King (Elite)
Batarr the Brigand King is the leader of the outlaws that live in the Desert of Brigands. Batarr rules with an iron fist and through fear, commanding his men to get him great wealth and killing those who oppose him. It is said that very soon he will have amassed enough wealth to buy a large army and use it to gain him more wealth by sacking other settlements, this cannot be aloud to happen...
Class:Mounted Level:610
Attack:15613 - 15759 Defense:4808 - 4890
Armor:5177 - 5245 Damage:13809 - 13995
HP:39545 - 39755 Gold:250 - 350
XP:3680 - 3690
Piercing Strike:40% - 42%
Breaker:45% - 48%
Sustain:52% - 54%
Dropped Items
Brigands Bronze Cuirass
Brigands Bronze Lance
Brigands Bronze Visor
Spawning Information
Desert of Brigands (Enclave):100%
Additional Notes

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