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Pink Protoplasm Potion (Unique)

Type:Potion Level:25
Skill Level Duration Description
Summon Shield Imp 100 60 mins Creates an Imp which will absorb 100% of damage inflicted when the damage is greater or equal to your remaining health. Each full absorb uses one of the Shield Imp's hit points. The Shield Imp starts with 3 hit points and gains one for each 50 points placed in this skill. The Shield Imp auto-debuffs when it reaches zero hit points. (Note Super-Elites can crush the imp in a single turn regardless of hit points remaining and it only works in PvE).
Dropped By
Ovig the Despoiler (Elite):5%
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Extra Info
Player Backpack Total:125
Guild Inventory Total:17

Note: Totals for items equipped or in player's backpacks only count items for active players and also items which are guild tagged.

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