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Felis Hunters Potion (Epic)

Type:Potion Level:1
Skill Level Duration Description
Mighty Vigor 2500 240 mins For every 50 points of the skill, can equip items 1 level higher than your level.
Overkill 600 240 mins When you inflict 2 times or more of the starting hit points in the first round of combat, you have a 0.25% per point chance to gain 0.025% per point extra XP. (PvE Only)
Adept Learner 750 240 mins +0.2% per point increase in xp from creature kills.
Dropped By
[not dropped]
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Extra Info
Player Backpack Total:7
Guild Inventory Total:1

Note: Totals for items equipped or in player's backpacks only count items for active players and also items which are guild tagged.

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