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Shimmering White Opal Potion (Epic)

Type:Potion Level:1
Skill Level Duration Description
Doubler 2000 240 mins Doubles Stamina consumption in exchance for x2 Gold and XP gains at skill level 50, 3x at skill level 100 and 4x at skill level 150
Adept Learner 500 240 mins +0.2% per point increase in XP from Creature kills
Librarian 750 240 mins +0.1% chance per point to gain double XP from Creatures
Summon Shield Imp 400 240 mins Summon an Imp with 3 HP (+1 per 50 points) which will absorb 100% of incoming Damage if greater than, or equal to, your remaining health (PvE only, weak vs. Super Elite Creatures)
Dropped By
[not dropped]
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Extra Info

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