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Flaming Baron Helm (Super Elite)

Type:Helmet Level:135
Attack:0 Defense:0
Armor:5 Damage:0
HP:0 XP Gain:0
Stamina:0 Stamina Gain:0
Gold Gain:0
Reinforced Armor:10%
Armor:10 - 15
Used In Recipes
Blood Weaver Rune Recipe
Inferno Handle Recipe
Recipe of Daynas Cuirass
Recipe of Daynas Gorget
Recipe of Empusa Heart Blood Helm
Recipe of Rune of Androkles
Recipe of Skull Carvers Horned Helm
Recipe of Skull Carvers Rictus Helm
Dropped By
Baron Von Drake (Super Elite):3.33%
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Set Bonuses
When the complete 'Flaming Baron Set' is equipped, the following set stat bonus is applied...
Attack:250 Defense:0
Armor:150 Damage:700
HP:0 XP Gain:0
Stamina:0 Stamina Gain:0
Gold Gain:0
Piercing Strike:50%
Critical Hit:50%
Elite Hunter:100%
Fury Caster:30%
Extra Info

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