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Gauntlets of Steep Nojor (Super Elite)

Type:Gloves Level:235
Attack:10 Defense:0
Armor:0 Damage:120
HP:0 XP Gain:0
Stamina:0 Stamina Gain:0
Gold Gain:0
Master Blacksmith:30%
Defense:20 - 30
Damage:10 - 20
Used In Recipes
Recipe of Chodrcane Weapon
Recipe of Livias Steps
Recipe of Machtelds Bracers
Recipe of Spidragon Mandible Helm
Recipe of Spidragon Scaled Boots
Silent Holder Amulet Recipe
Dropped By
Steep Nojor (Super Elite):3.33%
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Set Bonuses
When the complete 'Steep Nojors Set' is equipped, the following set stat bonus is applied...
Attack:130 Defense:0
Armor:100 Damage:950
HP:10 XP Gain:0
Stamina:0 Stamina Gain:0
Gold Gain:0
Extra Info
Player Equipped Total:68
Player Backpack Total:438
Guild Inventory Total:25

Note: Totals for items equipped or in player's backpacks only count items for active players and also items which are guild tagged.

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