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Shield of Steep Nojor (Super Elite)

Type:Shield Level:235
Attack:150 Defense:150
Armor:150 Damage:30
HP:0 XP Gain:0
Stamina:0 Stamina Gain:0
Gold Gain:0
Reinforced Armor:30%
Master Crafter:30%
Damage:30 - 40
Used In Recipes
Acherons Deathly Cowl Scroll
Recipe of Akrisios Famine Ring
Recipe of Chodrcane Flail
Recipe of Firebird Amulet
Recipe of Machtelds Signet
Recipe of Perchtas Crimson Grasp
Silent Holder Shield Recipe
Dropped By
Steep Nojor (Super Elite):3.33%
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Set Bonuses
When the complete 'Steep Nojors Set' is equipped, the following set stat bonus is applied...
Attack:130 Defense:0
Armor:100 Damage:950
HP:10 XP Gain:0
Stamina:0 Stamina Gain:0
Gold Gain:0
Piercing Strike:25%
Critical Hit:50%
Protect Gold:30%
Master Blacksmith:30%
Elite Hunter:100%
Fury Caster:25%
Extra Info

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