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Dark Shade (Common)

Type:Component Level:1
Extracted From
Dark Shade Plant
Used In Recipes
Acherons Deathly Cowl Scroll
Potion of Annihilation Recipe
Potion of Dull Edge Recipe
Potion of Fury Recipe
Potion of Lesser Buff Master Recipe
Potion of Lesser Vision Recipe
Recipe of Brew of Unnatural Thirst
Recipe of Crippling Poison
Recipe of Dolis Beryl Axe
Recipe of Dolis Beryl Helm
Recipe of Granny Jezes Sweater
Recipe of Hermanus Helm
Recipe of Imhear Armor
Recipe of Kaapo Armor
Recipe of Livias Ring
Recipe of Machakw Horned Helmet
Recipe of Machakw Horned Rune
Recipe of Murdoch Gauntlets
Recipe of Murdoch Shield
Recipe of Nolands Chariot Breastplate
Recipe of Potion of Nullifying Draft
Recipe of Potion of the Mongoose
Recipe of Potion of Waking Hypnotism
Recipe of Quan's Buckler
Recipe of Quan's Gauntlets
Recipe of The Hunted Cows Sword
Recipe of Woogle Ring
Dropped By
[not dropped]
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Extra Info

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