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Ring of Darklore (Unique)

Type:Ring Level:77
Attack:82 Defense:0
Armor:0 Damage:75
HP:-4 XP Gain:0
Stamina:0 Stamina Gain:0
Gold Gain:0
[no enhancements]
Damage:1 - 10
Dropped By
Balrog (Elite):5%
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Set Bonuses
When the complete 'Darklore Set' is equipped, the following set stat bonus is applied...
Attack:25 Defense:-30
Armor:0 Damage:20
HP:-5 XP Gain:0
Stamina:0 Stamina Gain:0
Gold Gain:0
Extra Info
Player Equipped Total:77
Player Backpack Total:296
Guild Inventory Total:56

Note: Totals for items equipped or in player's backpacks only count items for active players and also items which are guild tagged.

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