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Lute Strings (Rare)

Type:Component Level:16
Extracted From
Cursed Lute
Used In Recipes
Blueprint of Repaired Bridge
Recipe of Dagger Thorn Spear
Recipe of Discordant Violin
Recipe of Dwarven Glyph Keystone
Recipe of Enchanted Grappling Line
Recipe of Enchanted Lasso
Recipe of Giants Vigor Potion
Recipe of Magic Repelling Mirror
Recipe of Magical Memory Restorer
Recipe of Magical Pick
Recipe of Magically Reinforced Blade
Recipe of Potion of Redemption
Recipe of Queens Purified Choker
Recipe of Woodsmans Axe
Dropped By
[not dropped]
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Extra Info
Player Backpack Total:0
Guild Inventory Total:0

Note: Totals for items equipped or in player's backpacks only count items for active players and also items which are guild tagged.

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