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Viridian Vine Stem (Rare)

Type:Component Level:1
Extracted From
Viridian Vine
Used In Recipes
Recipe of Chodrcane Helm
Recipe of Imhear Armor
Recipe of Nevos Shimmering Gloves
Recipe of Nutcrackers Walnut Signet
Recipe of Potion of Ensnaring Grasp
Recipe of Potion of Helping Hand
Recipe of Potion of Incandescent Fury
Recipe of Potion of the Canny Extractor
Recipe of Reenas Joyous Boots
Recipe of Shirikis Howling Axe
Recipe of The Hunted Cows Boots
Recipe of Yaotl's Cuirass
Dropped By
[not dropped]
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Extra Info

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