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Othnielia Leg Bones (Rare)

Type:Component Level:100
Extracted From
Othnielia Body
Used In Recipes
Recipe of Akrisios Famine Armor
Recipe of Beorhtheres Bright Amulet
Recipe of Brew of the Smiths Hammer
Recipe of Chloes Veridian Helm
Recipe of Colossal Sparkling Snowball
Recipe of Daynas Cuirass
Recipe of Daynas Hammer
Recipe of Golden Gladiator Rune
Recipe of Imhear Armor
Recipe of Nairas Axe
Recipe of Potion of Arcane Protection
Recipe of Rage of Gurgriss Breastplate
Recipe of Ring of Cerulean Death
Recipe of Steamforged Gorgeanaka Ring
Recipe of The Hunted Cows Sword
Recipe of Titan Bane Brew
Recipe of Yanyus Jade Rune
Dropped By
[not dropped]
Quest Reward
[not gained from a quest]
Sold At
[not sold]
Extra Info

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