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The Crank destroys Yuletide! (Xmas)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 3900
Location:Forest of Yule (Whyville) (19, 17)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You walk through the Forest of Yule and stumble upon the delightful village of Whyville. You see a group of singers.
The leader singer beams at you. 'Greeting Warrior! Would you join us in celebrating Yuletide?' You look around. 'You celebrate? I see none of the trappings of the holiday?'

The leaders smile falters slightly. ' Well, there is a creature nearby that we invited to the festivities. He replied by sending his Scant Hounds to steal all the trappings.' You smile. 'Do you have a list of these items? I shall retrieve them!' The leader, agog, hands you a list. You take it and head out.

You receive 'Checklist of Yule Tide Goodies'

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