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Quango Adventures - Stone Terrors!
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 3775
Location:Quango Chasm (Quarry) (11, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You're exploring the local quarry. As you round a bend, you come upon a clearing and see an Adventurer propping himself up against a rock.
You greet the adventurer and ask if he's okay. He grunts 'Well enough, just a run in with a flock of Stone Quangos, golems of some sort. My weapon was ineffective! I think I'll need some sort enchanted item instead. Try to shatter them.'

He tries to rise and winces. You put a hand on his shoulder. 'You have a means to build this item? If so, I can build it and take these golems down. We Adventurers ought to help each other out!' He smiles and reaches into his pack. 'Here. This recipe will create a rune that might reduce the Stone Quangos fearsome durability! I'll just wait here and swig a healing potion.'

You receive 'Recipe of Stone Crusher Ring'.

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