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Towards the Answer (Epic)
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 51
Location:Magic Circle (Vinthorp's Study) (2, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
Vinthorp beckons you over with a wave.
"Welcome back, warrior. You appear to have returned at an opportune time-- I just found something that may be of interest to you." Vinthorp shuffles through an assortment of parchments at his desk, and shows you a clear etching of the Rune you found in the Cathedral.

"I have sent Carris off to a Tomb in the Utapo Flats. She will tell you more, as I have other matters to attend to and I do not wish to bore you with the - as Carris would put it - unnecessary details. Go back to the Altar Forest East and find the way to the Taymar Divide. From there you can enter the Utapo Flats North. Good luck, warrior."

Go to Utapo Flats North

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