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Research Assistant
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 353
Location:Morukan (2, 8)
Required Item: Docket
Required Kills: None
The museum is filled with shining display cases and statues depicting heroes of dwarves you have never heard of. You wander through the huge room looking around in wonder, wishing you could read dwarven. Eventually you discover Rintar behind a wide desk, covered with papers. Behind him you see a large painting of a magnificent city wreathed in flames and a huge dark beast stood in the centre as if bathing in the destruction.
Rintar jumps at the sound of your voice. His jovial face shines up at you. 'Oh my, you gave me a start, ah the Docket of numbers. Been talking to the binder have you, weird little chap, always looks asleep. Needs a good honest pint if you ask me, that would straighten him out.' He then returns to his work. When you don't leave he looks up at you slowly. 'I was wondering about the Shimmer Blood, what's it used for?' you ask. Rintar looks back at you in astonishment, 'You want my opinion? Well that's a first. Shimmer Blood is the medium of trapping energy and fusing that energy into a Fire Gem, in the process it turns from Blue to Yellow. It then becomes a Heart of Gem, which drives our golems. Now help me with my research. There are reports of savages appearing in the Glitter Vain Mine, go see if it's true.'

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