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The Grip of Madness
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 363
Location:Burning Sands (South) (7, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
As you trudge your way ever onward you come across a man staring down at a stunning oasis. On the shore a beautiful temple sits.
He does not immediately turn to look at you, his gaze fixed on the scene before him. 'You are a stranger to these parts, or you would not have disturbed my duty.' He then turns and sees you for the first time. 'Ah, you are a warrior, maybe we can be of service to each other.' He turns from you and points down to the temple below, 'There is the Temple of Sobek, he is one of the Old-Gods. He was revered for the bounty of the water and the strength of his avatars, the mighty Guardians. No one can get near the Temple now for the anger of the Guardians, go see if you can succeed where so many have failed. Enter the temple and find out what is wrong with the Sobek.'

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