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Cry of the Land
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 383
Location:Wasteland (East) (9, 8)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You hear faint sounds of grunting and deep belly laughs as you trek through this ravaged landscape. Drawing closer to the sounds, you catch a glimpse of some orcs up ahead. It seems like quite a large group, you had better sneak up on them if you are going to attempt an attack.
On closer inspection you realize that these orcs are an unarmed expedition. After clambering over tree stumps and burnt undergrowth, you greet the group. Their leader starts to talk to you. 'You weren't sneaking up to attack us now were you? Never mind, we got bigger troubles on our hands! We were sent here by the clan to see what these strange creatures are all about. It seems the land has grown tired by our devastation of the trees that once grew in this area and has summoned great tree elementals to lay down it's vengeance. We were attacked by a group of these elementals and they destroyed all our weapons. Can you kill some of the Ravaged Tree Elementals so we have a fighting chance of returning to the clan?'

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