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The Fallen Bear
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 271
Location:Ofron Islands (North) (7, 12)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
You come across a golden temple, the prophetess of the golden order greets you as you draw near. 'Welcome warrior, the mage Xinderoth has been slain. With his last breath he cast a curse upon the world. This reached even to heaven itself. The mighty Ursa has been freed. His very nature twisted by his imprisonment, he has fallen from the stars to destroy all around him. But I saw a lone warrior standing against the raging spirit. That was you. Go destroy Ursa the Great Bear (Legendary). I fear the curse of Xinderoth didn't just free Ursa, it also tainted the the spirit as well. Acquire Ursas Xind Cursed Helm, and I shall cleanse it from it's corruption as a token of thanks.'
The prophetess looks sadly to the heavens, 'I hope Ursa can finally find peace. He has taken to rest in Ofron Islands (Caves). Try finding him there.'

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