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Make the Sale
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 460
Location:Key Lock (2, 4)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
The tower has seen better days. Broken furniture litters the floor. Goblins eye you suspiciously as you pass. You hear raised voices deeper in the key lock. As you get nearer, you are surprised to see the desperate merchant again. He is talking to a sly looking orc.
The desperate merchant turns and looks at you as if not believing you are truly there. 'This orc is has the key to Old One Eye's compound, my daughter has been taken and is being sold as a slave. I have to buy her back which is why I needed the troll loot. But now he won't make the sale!' You can now see why he is so fearful, and direct your attention to the orc. 'What's wrong here?' you say simply. The sly orc sees that you are not a soft-city-boy like the merchant, and immediately begins to back up. 'Old One Eye has taken a shine to the lass, he won't sell her.' Then a twinkle shines in his eye, 'But if you could convince him... I would be happy to honor the bargain.'

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