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Clash of Magics
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 495
Location:Ral Faun Camp (13, 7)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
Your footsteps are almost drawn to this place. You walk the forest as if in a dream. Eventually you find an old woman in chains. In her ancient hands rests a small glass orb with black smoke swirling in it's depths.
The old woman's head snaps up from the orb, 'I don't believe it. You surprise even me warrior. I think you're a keeper.' At this the sea hag smiles. Its a truly unnerving sight and you have to quell the impulse to run. 'I'm having a spot of bother with these Ral Fauns. They have a fey circle, it's made of mushrooms. Utterly ridiculous if you ask me, but we all find power where we choose. Destroy the fey circle if you would be a dear. After you have finished come back to me, and we can have a little chat.'

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