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Trial of Honor
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 499
Location:Forest of Ral (Inner Grove) (14, 3)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
The inner grove is a stunning place. Beams of bright sunlight pour through the lush canopy of the forest. The sound of soft weeping is carried on the breeze. You find an elven captain with her head in her hands.
At you voice the elf jumps to her feet, she quickly dries her face, 'It shames me to be so weak in front of a stranger. The captain of the guard must be of stronger stuff. But my task is impossible! I suspect that Trillsarin knows this as well.' You shift your feet, and ask who Trillsarin is. The elven captain laughs, a beautifully musical sound and the involuntary action seem to bring her out of herself. 'Trillsarin is the chief adviser to the king. He has accused me of treason and charged me to present three items as proof of my strength and dedication to the king. I must present three items but I cannot do it.' You listen intently, then smile. 'You are asked to present the items not collect them. What are they?' The captain looks astonished, 'Yes, I see what you mean. A skull of the fey is the first. Could you get me one? I have no right to even ask.' You nod and turn to hunt the fey.

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