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Familiar Creation
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 539
Location:Dark Atholhu (Outer) (5, 15)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
A young Necromancer looks around frozen by indecision.
The young apprentice shuffles nervously, watching you draw near. 'I'm from the Stitchers Tower you know, I can defend myself!' You slow down so you can draw your sword to strike, when the young man speaks again. 'I'm glad you know your danger. I'm here to gather ingredients to create a Homunculus. Homunculus building is an ancient art lost to the modern Stitcher. But I have a problem. The parts I need must be laced with spite for my fumbling spell weaving. I'm only learning you see, and Demonic energies will make it easier for my initial attempts. Lucky the Foulwater Demoness is a Demon from the heartless seas, so the ingredients would be perfect. But I cannot defeat the Demon because it's just too powerful for me. The creatures themselves only value strength, so when a Demoness becomes old or ill, the others tear it apart and scatter the body parts in open graves. Take this Recipe of the Flesh Doll, bring me a Flesh Doll and I'll reward you for your efforts.'

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