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Blazing Insanity
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 560
Location:Fire Temple (Pavilion) (2, 10)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
The peace of the Fire Temple suddenly comes to an abrupt end. Pyromancers are blasting anyone they want, laughing at the pain they are inflicting. Those who cannot defend themselves have run into the Pavilion. Here a Temple Monk grabs you, terror etched into his face.
The Monk gulps down air, 'The Pyromancers have really gone and done it! They have always said that the Air Dragon was never a suitable Guardian for the Fire Temple. They never accepted the old text that Air gives life to the Flame. So they have turned the Air Dragon into a hideous abomination. The Foo Lions sense the damage done to the Temple and are Guarding the Balcony where the Dragon rested. They do not understand that the damage is being done by the Dragon itself! Please, you must destroy 50 Foo Lions to make your way to the Balcony. Please return when you have done this. I can then open the Baloney door for you.'

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