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Slaying of Vakkash
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 640
Location:Urz Wastes (Grutor Lands) (5, 13)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
Walking through the area, you become aware of movement out the corner of your eye. You turn only to find several human soldiers encircling you, weapons thrust towards you. A figure emerges from the savaged woods; It's the same man-at-arms that you have previously been in contact with. 'We meet again. Apologies if we startled you, friend. We are on our way to the fortress north of here to try assassinating the figure behind all the attacks against our settlements and forts. You want to join us?'
The soldier grins. 'I knew you couldn't resist. Vakkash, leader of the greenskins in this area, has been sending his minions against our settlements. We believe If we eliminate the source of the attacks, then we effectively remove the threat altogether. We will need to kill off some of his Ogre bodyguards in order to get closer to him. Take out the Ogre's and we'll meet up at the fortress north of here.'

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