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Halting the Siege
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 672
Location:Ravaged Forest (Outskirts) (2, 12)
Required Item:
Required Kills: None
Walking through the rugged landscape, you encounter a group of elven warriors who respond to your approach by unsheathing their weapons. However they re-sheathe their weapons once they identify you. The Captain approaches you. 'I almost didn't recognize you there. I've heard about you. Don't suppose you're interested in helping us out again?'
A cunning smile emerges across the Elf warrior's mouth. 'We were sent to infiltrate Heitwar's defensive lines in an attempt to attack his forces from within. The Ogre's in this area have been trained specifically to break through our defenses, allowing the rest of Heitwars forces to flood through. We must stop those ogres from attacking our defenses!'

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