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Stage 1
Minimum Level: 6
Location:Elya Canyon (Mouth) (9, 7)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
In the shade of the Canyon you find a Trader drinking water in huge gulps.
He looks you up and down, 'You look like a Warrior. I might have a job for you. My brother has set up a stall on that Mountain Path and it racking it in. So I decided to take a look around to try to find another commercial opportunity. Well I think I found it right here. I'm thinking of setting up a Trading station at the start of the Canyon. Loads of customers will use this as a path I'm thinking, that'll teach my Brother a thing or two! But I need those Spiders thinned out first. If you would go kill 150 Elya Canyon Crawlers I'd make it worth your while.

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