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The Three Magic Stones
Stage 1
Minimum Level: 120
Location:Ethereal City (13, 2)
Required Item: None
Required Kills: None
You have come across a city within the realm of Ethereal. It is a strange place with many peoples and creatures from different places all living together to survive in this strange realm. Upon further investigation it turns out that the peoples who live here are all victims of sorcery of one kind or another and had been sent here as punishments or even by mistake. You are told the locals here have survived the evils of the demons outside the city as they had magical stones that protected them all from attack. However a heretic secretly in league with the demons stole the stones, leaving the city defenseless. The stones were scattered and lost though a portal the heretic opened before he took his own life. Recognising you as a hero you are asked if you would help them retrieve the stones and save their defenseless city.
You have accepted and are told that if you return all 3 stones you will be greatly rewarded for saving a nation! The stones have been scattered though the these Ethereal lands. The first stone is rumored to be in the Ethereal Graveyard.

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